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Final 3-Day Mortality Management Training of the Year

Yesterday my colleagues Mark Hutchinson, Bill Seekins, and I wrapped up our last 3-day mortality management training event of the year. And it was quite an event! Many thanks to Bill Pittenger with the Missouri Department of Agriculture and Teng Lim with the University of Missouri. We've conducted these training programs from North Carolina to California and many places in between. Bill and Teng did a fantastic job of pulling together all the logistics that make for an excellent training. We conduct these events to create additional animal mortality management subject matter experts for the United States. This is a critical need as Highly Pathogenic Avian Influenza continues to plague the US with hardly a pause for the warm weather and we prepare for the potential of livestock diseases such as African Swine Fever. We had a great group of students this year and I look forward to deploying with some of them during future outbreaks.


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