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G.A. Flory Consulting LLC is widely recognized as a global authority on preparing for and responding to agricultural emergencies of any size.  Our services include animal disease and natural disaster response, agricultural emergency planning, emergency response training, and public speaking. 

Disease and Natural Disaster Response

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G.A. Flory Consulting LLC has responded to animal disease outbreaks around the globe.  As incidents of avian influenza, African Swine Fever, and other animal diseases increase, G.A. Flory Consulting LLC stands prepared to respond anywhere, anytime, and provide emergency disease response capabilities.   

 Emergency Response Training

ASF Emergency Mission to Cambodia - 2019

To maintain their effectiveness, company, state or national agricultural emergency response teams must train continually.  G.A. Flory Consulting LLC can provide virtual, field, or tabletop training events spanning a single day or an entire week. 


Recent international training events include programs for governments of the Dominican Republic, Philippines, India, South Korea, Vietnam, and Azerbaijan. Within the United States, we have conducted training programs for the states of Ohio, Kansas, Washington, North Carolina, Georgia, and Florida as well as training programs for individual livestock production companies. 

Agricultural Emergency Planning

Avian Influenza Table Top Exercise - Aze

As with any industry, good emergency response planning is the key to minimizing losses within the agricultural sector. When the outbreak or natural disaster occurs, farm-specific plans should already be in place with exactly how impacted animals will be depopulated, how the infected carcasses will be disposed of, and how the premises will be disinfected.  Developing these plans before the emergency happens will decrease the cost of the response and prevent disease spread. Contact G.A. Flory Consulting to start the planning process for your operations.

Public Speaking

North Carolina African Swine Fever Train

G.A. Flory Consulting’s owner and Director of Operations — Gary Flory — has earned a stellar reputation internationally as a keynote and plenary speaker. He delivers high-energy presentations on topics including transboundary animal diseases, counter-agroterrorism, avian influenza, African Swine Fever, One-Health, animal carcass disposal, emerging and infectious diseases, CBRNe preparedness, and response, and foreign animal diseases.

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