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FAO Virtual Learning Course on Stamping Out

This was an exciting week! We wrapped up the second of a three-week FAO virtual learning course on stamping out. The aim of the course was to provide a general overview of the three steps of stamping out: the killing of animals for disease control purposes, safe disposal of animals, and cleaning and disinfection. I love the way these courses are structured with live sessions, online interactive modules, group discussions in an online forum, and a live group session.

This week we conducted four live sessions where the participants developed plans to cull and dispose of hypothetical flocks and herds infected with FMD, ASF, HPAI, and SGP. I loved meeting and working with veterinarians from around the world.

I especially enjoyed working with the other amazing instructors: Mark Hovari, Dora Kovacs, Marius Masiulis, Carles Mason, and Susan Richmond.


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