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A partial return to in-person training

Last month I was able to conduct two in-person training sessions! These were my first in-person training programs since March of 2020. As COVID restrictions begin to relax in the United States, I am looking forward to delivering more training in person and restarting research projects stalled due to the pandemic.

My first training was the Mass Emergency Carcass Disposal Training hosted by the University of Delaware Cooperative Extension in Georgetown, Delaware. During the event I discussed the following topics:

· An introduction to poultry mortality management

· Routine mortality management

· Mortality management for non-disease events

· Mortality management during disease events

The training concluded with a hands-on compost training and demonstration. It was great to be in the field again and work with my friends at the University of Delaware!

Upon returning from Delaware I traveled to West Virginia to participate in the West Virginia University, West Virginia Department of Agriculture, and the United States Department of Agriculture Joint Workshop and Planning Exercise around Foreign Animal Diseases and Euthanasia. The two-day event included my presentations (with my colleague and good friend Bob Peer) on animal mortality management and some great discussion on euthanasia by Dr. Jan Shearer followed by the tabletop exercise and hotwash. I’m looking forward to future engagement with our neighbors in West Virginia!

Unfortunately, this partial return to in-person training events hasn’t included international engagements. I am hopeful that they will commence soon. Perhaps within the next few months. However, the COVID pandemic is still having a significant impact in many parts of the world and my thoughts are with my friends in those areas. Stay safe!


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