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3D Response Personnel Training in Vietna

When animal diseases and natural disasters strike, G.A. Flory Consulting LLC will be there to provide our clients with the highest quality emergency response services. Until then, our professional training programs will enable them to minimize the impact of those disasters.  

G.A. Flory Consulting LLC 


Since 2003 G.A. Flory Consulting has helped our clients plan, train, and responds to agricultural emergencies like disease outbreaks, acts of agroterrorism, and natural disasters across the country and around the globe. Our clients include international organizations such as the Food and Agriculture Organization of the United Nations (FAO), the World Organization for Animal Health (OIE), state and federal government agencies, individual farmers, and meat and poultry production companies.  G.A. Flory Consulting LLC has access to a vast network of subject matter experts and can expand our team to respond to any size response.

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In addition to responding to disease outbreaks and natural disasters around the globe, the team has served as lead investigators on numerous research projects focused on providing new
tools in the fight against animal diseases and
natural disasters
affecting agriculture.


G.A. Flory Consulting’s owner and Director of Operations, Gary Flory, has earned a stellar reputation internationally as a keynote and plenary speaker.   He delivers high-energy presentations on topics including counter-agroterrorism, avian influenza, One-Health, animal carcass disposal, emerging and infectious diseases, CBRNe preparedness and response, and foreign animal diseases.


G.A. Flory Consulting LLC has published numerous articles, reports, guidance documents, and standard operating procedures.  An example of recent work is FAO’s recently released document, Carcass management guidelines – Effective disposal of animal carcasses and contaminated materials on small to medium-sized farms.



Gary founded G.A. Flory Consulting LLC, a global consulting firm, to help clients with a range of services including animal disease and natural disaster response, agricultural emergency planning, and emergency response training. 



Gary Flory's Clients include government agencies such as the United States Department of Agriculture and the Defense Threat Reduction Agency, international organizations such as the Food
and Agriculture Agencies of the United Nations,
and the World Organization for Animal Health,
and commercial swine and poultry companies.

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With the spread of African Swine Fever (ASF) through Asia recently, and with its imminent arrival in the Pacific, I have had the pleasure to work with Gary Flory as one of the world’s experts in livestock disposal and decontamination. . . I would not hesitate to work with Gary again or support his inclusion into any team where livestock disposal and decontamination are areas of interest or need.


Dr. Ian Dacre
Food and Agriculture Organisation of the United Nations


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